Cavalry Food Bank

.Our community cupboard is in need of funds to continue to feed our community.  The Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has caused a huge slowdown in the food donated from Publix and Feeding Tampa Bay.  In order to continue our mission of feeding the hungry in our community we will have to purchase food.   We want to continue to feed the 450 families in our community that truly need help. Therefore, we are asking for your help to keep Calvary’s Community Cupboard alive.

Calvary’s Community Cupboard has operated a food pantry for more than 40 years.  The Cupboard was established as a way to share our blessings with members of our community who have fallen on hard times or are less fortunate than us. People in our community know that we are here for them.  That’s why many people stop by looking for food or water.

The Cupboard is a blessing to so many people. We receive an average of 10,000 pounds of food a week and we feed an average of 450 families a week.  Some of the people who receive food also volunteer at the Cupboard.   We have six individuals that work on Tuesday morning very early. When they are done volunteering,  they take a bag of food with them.  We also have a volunteer who has been with the cupboard for a very long time.  This volunteer is fluent in Spanish and English which helps us when we have a language barrier.

Prayer is how our 26+ volunteers start their Tuesday mornings and cumulatively volunteer 116 hours per week.  It is their passion and dedication to feed the hungry and homeless that keeps them up-beat and coming back to serve week after week.

According to Feeding Tampa Bay’s website, “There are more than 700,000 people who are food insecure, meaning they lack consistent and easy access to safe, nutritionally adequate food.  The problem isn’t limited only to the homeless. Many who struggle to find adequate food are working adults, children and the elderly.”   It is Feeding Tampa Bay’s mission to provide food for those who need it, but it is up to places like Community Cupboard to get the food to the people.

The food for the cupboard comes from a variety of sources. Every Sunday, people bring in various food items.  Publix is a main contributor to our Cupboard. Volunteers pick up day-old bread from both the Apollo Beach and Ruskin Publixs on  Monday and Tuesday mornings. The majority of other food products comes from Feeding Tampa Bay.

Every donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to purchase food and help feed those less fortunate than us.  Thank you once again for your donation, and may God continue to bless you and your household.

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