COVID-19 Response

Thank you all so much for your kind words and for all the work you are doing in the community to help always, but especially at this very difficult time!!!

We, just like everyone else, were caught short sighted with this pandemic, and so we have had a big job catching up. We got a sponsor (Paul Holloway) to fund the development of an on line registration site, and we will use that to deliver food to children at home. In the meantime we are working with our towns to get food to kids, and some towns are doing a much better job than others.

We had a problem with being unable to purchase in sufficient quantities because of rationing, but we developed a contract with US Foods which has allowed us to order in bulk, and came up with a policy that would allow us to send grocery store gift cards home, so all in all, we are doing our best to support our young people.

We truly thank you for your support, not just now, but always! You are stars!!!

If you choose to make a special donation at this time, please go to There you will be able to pick the program you want your donation to go to, or send it to where it is most needed

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