Assisting during COVID-19

The Tomlin Family App Lab has taken on a different purpose while students remain off campus. While teachers work remotely with classes, Corbett Prep’s 3D printers have been reassigned to help the medical community!

STEAM Specialist John Palmer has worked closely with three Corbett Prep families to help fulfill needs related to masks. After more than 200 hours of printing, Palmer has been able to produce 43 shields for N95 masks, 89 mask extenders and 31 shield frames – and production continues!

Shields can more than double the lives of N95 masks, alleviating shortages. Mask extenders offer additional comfort. Face shield frames provide another option for protection.

Dr. Rayna Clay, a Corbett Prep parent and an anesthesiologist, brought the need for shields to our attention. Local hospital administrators are reviewing the shields before distributing them among anesthesiologists at Brandon Regional Hospital and two AdventHealth hospitals.

Parent Lauren Novatkoski has coordinated the mask extender effort with Mr. Palmer, dropping them off at emergency rooms at Morton Plant North Bay Hospital and Mease Dunedin Hospital. A batch also went to Corbett Prep office and facilities staff for use on campus.

Parent Shelby Schoenborn brought face shield frames and mask extenders to the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital, where infection control is reviewing them for use. Mr. Palmer hopes to have 70 more frames available by the weekend.

We are honored that we can use our school technology to help those on the front lines of fighting this virus, and we have so much gratitude for our families for reaching out and connecting us to the areas of need!

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