ob Description: Client Registrar

Arrival Time: 9:00 AM

Last Client Accepted: Noon

Mask Required

Duties on Food Distribution Day(s):

1.  Log onto Food Bank Manager and open card printer program.

2.  Greet Clients as they enter pantry. Client to provide either a valid ID or a Dunedin Cares ID card. Make sure all Clients entering the pantry are wearing masks!

3.  If Client has Dunedin Cares ID card, scan the card, which will open a new visit record in Food Bank Manager. Enter the Client’s guest number, confirm the number of family members and connect Client with their assigned Shopper. 

4.  If Client does not have a Dunedin Cares ID card but is already in the database, obtain their last name to find their record in Food Bank Manager and create a new visit for this Client. Make an ID card for the Client and test scan the ID card before providing to Client. 

5.  If Client is new, review their ID, set up a new Client record in Food Bank Manager, create a new visit for that day and make a Dunedin Cares ID card. Test scan the ID card before providing to Client.

6.  At the end of the food distribution, enter volunteer hours and donations into Food Bank Manager. Log off Food Bank Manager and close card printer program.

7.  Thoroughly sanitize computer, mouse and general desk area prior to closing out.