ob Description: Greeter #2 (Health Screener)

Arrival Time: 9:15 AM

Last Client Accepted: Noon

Mask Required

Duties on Food Distribution Day(s):

1.  Set up, maintain and take down Client number board. 

2.  Take Client temperatures once parked and ask health-screening questions to all Clients who will entry the pantry.  If any Client has a temperature at or above 100 degrees or does not clear the health screening questions, they may be offered drive thru service instead. 

3.  Advise Clients to have their valid ID or Dunedin Cares ID ready when their number is called.

4.  Keep Client flow into the pantry orderly with a maximum of 3 Clients shopping at any one time.

5.  Thoroughly sanitize thermometer, clipboard and screening questionnaire prior to storage.