Each resident of the ROPE Center is obligated to pay $45.00 per week for shelter, food and clothing.  Because of COVID-19, many have been laid off or furloughed and can no longer afford their weekly resident fee.

In addition, we were not able to take in additional residents during the 7 weeks the Community Outreach Center was closed.  Therefore we have not been able to operate a full capacity.

We rely heavily on the Housing Fees to financially support the ROPE Center program and to continue to make the services available to the homeless.  We currently are looking at lost revenues due to unpaid resident fees at approximately $12,000 .  Each resident who is unable to pay his/her fees would benefit from a $450 scholarship.  This would enable the resident to stay at the ROPE Center, find employment and move ahead in their goals to become productive citizens.  This scholarship applies not only to current residents who have been unable to work, but also for new residents needing to come into the program but is lacking funding.