Please consider donating an item on our wish list, or visit our  Amazon Smile: Charity List
·  Paper towels, toilet paper and napkins.
·  Bleach and liquid laundry detergent.
·  Mops, brooms, buckets, etc… (new only please)
·  Clean towels, flat sheets, pillowcases and blankets.
·  Trash and contractor bags.
·  Cat litter (clumping, clay and recycled, such as Yesterday’s News).
·  Unopened pet food (we feed Science Diet in-house, all brands for our food programs). We cannot accept opened food for our pets, but these donations will be given to wildlife rehabilitators.
·  Office supplies (paper reams, pens, Sharpies, staplers, etc.).
·  Reusable grocery bags.
·  Sweaters and jackets for dogs (medium, large and XL). No costumes please, just things to keep them warm!
·  Thunder Shirts (medium, large and XL)
·  Dog and cat toys, especially plush/stuffed toys.
·  Hanging cat scratch pads (unused).
·  Dog and cat treats. Soft, training treats are preferred.
·  High-value training treats: hot dogs, cheese, chicken, etc.
·  New or unused treat pouches.
·  KONGs and other puzzle feeder toys.
·  Nylabone toys.
·  Zuke’s Dog Training treats.
·  Snuggle Kitties
·  Leashes, collars and walking equipment such as Petsafe’s Easy Walk Harness, 3-in-1 Harness, and Gentle Leader head halter. We are not in need of traditional, back-clip harnesses at this time.
·  Cat towers from Kuranda and Feline Snoozers. Please no carpeted or fabric cat trees, as these cannot be sanitized and will be disposed of!
·  Saline, new syringes, packaged needles, E-collars, surgical drapes.
·  IV poles
·  Latex and non-latex gloves.
·  PetAg KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) and nursing bottles *please note, we only use KMR due to its higher nutritional quality
·  Royal Canin BabyCat kitten food.
·  Kitchen-grade ingredient scales.
·  Thick, multi-colored hair elastics.
·  Electric and microwave safe heating pads.
·  Dawn dish soap.
·  Baby food in meat flavors.
·  Greenies Pill Pockets for dogs and cats.
*We’re sorry, but legally we are not permitted to accept medications, especially those that require prescriptions. We will have to turn these donations away.
·  Washers and dryers.
·  Large and small refrigerators.
·  Office furniture.
·  Medical equipment (please contact us regarding what you have!)