Equine Assited Therapy and Rescue endures Financial loss from Covid-19

Casey’s is a small local non profit serving Pinellas, Pasco Hernando and Hillsborough counties. Since many of our clients suffer from compromised immune systems and the Government order on social distancing we have not been able to see any clients or have any of our fundraising activities up and running. We offer camping and Birthday parties on the farm to help cover a majority of our expenses for the animal care. Also we depend on the support from our local community. Since many have been negatively impacted financially from the Covid-19 we have lost most of our donations from individuals and small businesses.

We also work with volunteers who come out to give back as well as ones who need to complete community service or for educational hours. Currently they are unable to complete there obligations.

Even though we are not open to see clients or have guests, we still have the expenses associated with the up keep and feeding of the animals. We have used all of our reserve funds and are in desperate need for financial assistance to cover theses expenses until we are able to resume business as normal.


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