FREE Internet Safety Program for Children

Schools are closed and children are shifting to digital learning. They are increasing their time on the internet, both for educational and entertainment purposes. To address this, the Center for Cyber Safety and Education (Center) is currently offering our digital version of Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures lessons for FREE. This is in response to the increased need for parents to ensure their children are safely navigating the internet in this time of increased usage.

Outside of educational settings, our digital lessons are typically offered at a fee for service. However, we understand that families are under financial strain due to job loss or a reduction in hours. When a child receives our lessons at school it comes at no cost to the family and provides the Center with greater reach. When children are not in school, they are not receiving vital internet safety education but the need has not changed.

In fact, with increased time on the internet and devices, one may argue that internet safety education is more important now than ever.

To register for the program parents can go to

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