Help Needed for Senior and Medical Needs Animals

The pandemic has affected all of our donation sources. We have had to cancel our two largest fundraisers for the year. The events of other organizations that we attend have been canceled too. Our steady donors have lost their jobs or are working limited hours and no longer have the ability to help us. We used to receive about $200 a month from various donation jars in businesses, but that has dwindled to almost nothing. Unfortunately, we offer specialized programs and have no paid employees so we did not fit into the guidelines for receiving any government help. We are only asking for funds for the basic necessities for our senior and medically challenged animals. Costs run about $450 a month for food and $225 for medications. Our small reserve is shrinking fast. We are looking into virtual fundraising, but we are still learning. Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

Funds would be used for basic essential care (food and medication) for our senior and medically needy animals. At this time, we have 23 dogs, 10 cats, 3 birds and a pig. The amount requested would cover their essential care for a year. Hopefully by that time, there should be some semblance of normalcy. Any other donations received can then be used for other care such as veterinary visits, grooming, bedding, toys, treats and cleaning supplies. We have separated these out because if people can donate, they tend to give us used items or ones they received and can not use themselves.

In our Seniors Helping Seniors Forever Foster Program we match senior citizens with senior or medically needy animals. This gives a senior citizen a companion, someone to talk to and a reason to get up and get out. They never have to worry about cost or what will happen if they can no longer take care of the animal. It also gives one of our animals a wonderful companion with lots of love to give. In this program, we cover all costs including food, medical, toys, beds, grooming – basically anything the animal needs. If their animal needs anything and they can not go out, we will bring it to them. Same goes for the senior forever foster themselves. Should the day come that the companion can no longer take care of the animal, it comes back to The Greener Side Haven. We need help to keep this program and others operating.

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