A Sister's Keeper

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Our mission Our youth deserve your support. Many children go unnoticed, unattended and left to face a world unprepared. So many chaotic things can happen, and it simply isn’t right. In my adulthood, I sought counseling and guidance to make sense of all that has happened to me. I began a career in human services building pathways to success for children with origin stories like my own. One thing I learned, is that healing happens through avenues of hope and access to positive opportunities.

A Sister’s Keeper

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About us We need your help to create these needed opportunities. I founded A Sister’s Keeper Foundation (ASK) in honor of my sister, Shanita Brown- in honor of all of those children that need support and need someone to look out for them, to keep hope and opportunity alive. After a decade of serving as a youth advocate, mentor, and counselor to at-risk youth, low-income families and children within the foster care dependency system, I realized that Florida needed more youth-focused support and so I worked with community stakeholders to develop a scaffolding of supportive services, including counseling, mentorship and workforce development that enable youth to find their voice as community leaders.