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Our mission The mission of Chapters Health System is to provide support and care for people in our community with or affected by advanced illness by offering a wide variety of compassionate healthcare choices.
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Are you or your organization able to donate medical supplies?

Are you or your organization able to donate medical supplies?

Chapters Health System

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Medical Donations

We are asking local residents, business owners, and organizations who are able to donate any of the items listed below to schedule a drop-off or pickup. All donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. Requested Items Hand sanitizer Cleaning/sterilizing wipes (eg. Clorox wipes) Medical gowns Goggles Face shields Masks (N95, surgical or ear-loop) Disposable gloves Fabric
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About us Since 1983, Chapters Health System has been a progressive leader in hospice, palliative care and home health. Today, we offer new programs that build upon our core expertise. We provide compassionate, patient-centered care at every stage of your journey. As one of the first post-acute care systems in the country, Chapters Health System is committed to improving the lives of those affected by advancing age and illness. We give our patients independence when possible, comfort when necessary and dignity at all times.