The Greener Side Haven, Inc.

4075 W Bonanza Drive Beverly Hills, Florida 34465
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Our mission Provide a permanent, last chance, forever home for senior and medically needy animals.
COVID-19 Impact
Help Needed for Senior and Medical Needs Animals

Help Needed for Senior and Medical Needs Animals

COVID-19 Impact Data
Volunteer hours lost 550.0
Financial loss $17,000
COVID-19 Data Details
Type of lost Amount Date Description
$ Event Fundraising$6,000.00April 2020 & December 2020Annual Events
$ Other Fundraising$4,000.003/20 thru 12/20Donation Jars/Businesses
$ Program Revenue$7,000.003/20 thru 12/20Seniors Helping Seniors Program
Volunteer Hours Lost5503/20 thru 12/20Events

The Greener Side Haven, Inc.

Ways to help

Volunteers - Grant Writer, Donation Collections, Media Person

We lost our grant writer with the pandemic. She was one of our many volunteers that we have lost. We would love to get involved in having auctions on line, but we need someone with the knowledge to get us started, we have used items to sell and need help setting up a way to… See full description
  • 16-18, Adults (18+), 55+
  • One-time, Ongoing, Recurring
  • None, Formal, Skilled
  • Virtual, In-person, Tech Support, Collect Donations, Foster Animals, Writing, Skills-based, Project-based, Other
Items we need now

$675 per month to feed and basic medications

We are in desperate need of $675 per month to feed and pay for the basic medications for the 35 senior and medically needy animals that we currently care for.
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Food & Basic Needs

Please see our specific food and item needs from our Amazon Wish List.
  • Wishlist – Amazon, etc
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About us We are a permanent placement sanctuary that rescues animals that are in need of medical or emotional care; retraining those that need it; seniors who need a safe and loving place; abused and neglected animals that need so much help and love, or any that just need a loving environment that gives them the physical and emotional support to become whole again. The Greener Side Haven is a non-kennel rescue and our animals live in home environments. Every animal receives the best possible care for their situation.