Florida 1.27 is a movement of churches and individuals taking action together to radically change the foundation of the child welfare system in Florida.

Quality martial arts training for families. The benefits of marital arts training should be available to everyone, regardless of income.

To Educate Children, Empower Families, Enable Equitable Communities, and Embrace Diversity

To help the homeless maintain their pride & dignity with the cleansing of their body & soul and to restore them into the community.

To build community through education, food accessibility, and by being a model of appropriate land stewardship and sustainable agriculture techniques.

To promote the developmental and social needs of disabled, honorably discharged veterans who have fallen victim to homelessness by providing them transitional, supported housing and establishing objectives designed to attribute to self-sufficiency.

To partner with businesses and individuals to be a caring resource for families in our community experiencing temporary crisis due to a life threatening illness or catastrophic event.

To provide quality professional residential support options for developmentally disabled individuals with moderate, severe and profound challenges.

The NAMI Pasco County’s mission is to promote recovery for children, adults, and military personnel with mental illness.

To create valued lives for people with disabilities.

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