Reach St. Pete

Share 1-2 WOW statements about your organization.
– Since 2016 Reach Services INC has provided over 36,000 hygiene items, served over 31,200+ hot meals, given out over $50,000+ in rent, bill, and grocery assistance.
– A private donor funds 75% of our administration and employee costs so that any incoming donations, grants, and partners that come alongside us know that their money is going to have the largest impact by going directly to the community.
Tell us how your organization was founded and the mission today
Reach St Pete began in 2016 in efforts to bridge the gap between people and resources. We quickly realized the need for efficient quality access to resources for those in need in Saint Petersburg, FL, which has now grown into the 3 programs we offer today. Our outreach programs all operate under the same mission and that is to prevent, alleviate, and eliminate homelessness by bridging the gap between people and resources. Unfortunately many individuals and families fall through the cracks of services due to lack of time, the difficulty of gaining resources they need or giving up due to a long process or long waiting list.
Our purpose is to alleviate clients urgent needs in a timely manner, to prevent clients from losing their housing or services such as electric, and to ultimately eliminate homeless by bridging the gap between people and resources.
In 2020 it is our belief that no one should be sleeping in the streets when the resources are there.

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