RFL Technology in Crisis and Beyond

Ready for Life (RFL) provides support, resources and guidance former foster care youth need to successfully transition to adulthood.  Our solution-based skill center supporting youth (ages 15 to 25) in homelessness prevention, education & employment, and lifeline support networks.

During this COVID-19 crisis, we continue to provide services to this vulnerable population, however, now much can be done virtually or by appointment.  While our technology was adequate for how we did business yesterday, today things are different in every way.   How we communicate as a staff, talk directly with clients, and share our stories and solicit donations changed nearly overnight.

RFL has purchased, upgraded or subscribed to technology to survive this crisis.  We continue to explore fundraising options, knowing how different fundraising needs to be in today’s environment.

Communication technology upgrades at RFL for the next 12 months include: Zoom $180; Constant Contact $840; IGTech $1000; Tech Soup $160.

Fundraising upgrades for the next 12 months include: Donor Perfect On-Line Forms Plus $600; Crowdfunding $600; Text to Give $720; Payment Services $720; transaction swipe capability $400.

Total Request $5220

This investment in Ready for Life’s communication and fundraising technology will have immediate impact today and create sustainability for our uncertain tomorrows.

Thank you for this funding opportunity and for considering our technology request.

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