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St. Pete nonprofit helps released prisoners with much-needed resources
ST. PETE, Fla. — Transitioning from prison back into society is challenging enough, but with a pandemic going on, it can be nearly impossible.

Nancy Brogdon was released from prison just last month. After spending three years behind bars, she is now living behind a white picket fence.

She said she doesn’t know what she would have done without the nonprofit organization Cons Helping Cons.

“I can’t tell you how many women I watched leave that cried because they had nowhere to go,” said Brogdon.

“There’s always been a shortage of resources which is a major problem but now even more so,” said Robert Taylor, director of Cons Helping Cons.

The organization offers up to five women a house to live in, in exchange for community service.

However, Taylor said they could use 10 homes. Many ex-cons are falling through the cracks.

“The competitiveness, because there is a lot of people on the market that have been unemployed because of the pandemic, they are already challenged and now it’s even worse,” said Taylor.

“It’s a terrifying thing to go, ‘am I going to have to go back to what I know,’ because at the end of the day you have to get by, you have to survive,” said Brogdon.

She is passionate about pursuing a career in cosmetology, but just getting her certificate has been tedious due to closures caused by COVID-19.

“It’s frustrating sometimes because I have these goals and these things I want to do, and now I have to wait,” said Brogdon.

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