The Kind Mouse has been busy during this pandemic

The Kind Mouse continues to serve our community through this public emergency. We must continue to reach and feed the food insecure children of Pinellas County while schools are shutdown. Under the Safer at Home order, we are forced to think creatively. The Kind Mouse continues to work with our existing agencies and partners. But we are going deeper into our community to work with those who see children on a daily basis.

Before the school closing we were feeding children in the program for a weekend. Now we are being asked to feed those children plus hundreds more, not just over weekends, but 7 days a week! This is a crisis in our community!

The Kind Mouse has been busy during this pandemic.

Due to COVID-19, we have been feeding more and more hungry children. We contacted all our agency partners and learned their plans. Then we provided each partner with 2 to 4 weeks’ worth of food – either delivered to them, or they picked up. The Kind Mouse intends to do the same for the duration of this pandemic.

We drove to Mattie Williams Neighborhood Center in Safety Harbor with JWB Board Member Mike Mikurak and delivered 1,406 pounds of food for them to hand out via 2 drive by food pickups for 4 zip codes. We will continue to serve Mattie Williams Neighborhood Center throughout this pandemic.

We have arranged for community affairs personnel to carry our Mouse Nibbles bags in their cars to deliver directly to the food insecure children of our area. We have provided them with 2,000 Mouse Nibbles sacks to deliver to the children for us. Each sack contains 3 meals.

We are working with the Sheriff’s Department and have provided them with 300 Mouse Nibbles sacks to hand out as they encounter hungry children. We will replenish them as soon as they are in need.

We are working with the Pinellas Park Police for them to possibly do the same.

We spoke with the Clearwater Police to see if they would be interested in having our Mouse Nibbles sacks for the hungry children they encounter. They are so thrilled they are proposing to make this countywide. Chief Slaughter is introducing us to communities that are most affected by this pandemic.

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