In the Mammals Division, some of your responsibilities as a volunteer may include the following:

Learning and assisting in food preparation – a large majority of the day is spent sorting and inspecting fish, processing fish, and washing dishes.
Conducting behavioral observations, maintaining behavioral logs – records of feeding and observation sessions are maintained daily.
Participating in the daily maintenance of animal exhibits – more cleaning!
Narrating presentations for visitors of the aquarium
Interacting with encounter participants and guests of the aquarium
The Marine Mammal volunteer program is tailored to meet your personal abilities, experience level, and educational background. Marine Mammal volunteers should have no expectation of animal contact / handling.

The Marine Mammal volunteer position requires a minimum 4 month commitment to a weekly reoccurring shift, same day and time each week. Shifts in this department are 5 hours, several shift times are available each day and volunteers are needed 7 days a week; new volunteers are assigned their weekly shift based on their availability and our current shift openings.