We help foster kids. You can help.

There is so much anxiety about the future right now for all of us. We need to weigh decisions about how to protect ourselves, even as we strive to get our basic needs met. This can be scary and stressful, especially when you have children that have endured severe trauma. It’s even harder when you have multiple children at home who you been entrusted to care for and you are not able to meet their needs.

Tiffany and her little sister live with her mom’s best friend from high school now. It’s been a rough start to her young life but for the past year she’s been with really happy, living with someone she knows and is able to thrive. Tiffany goes to a small private school where she is in first grade. Her foster mom was able to get her a scholarship to go, but now that she needs to be homeschooled, she didn’t have a tablet on which to do the work. The school is unable to provide one and she doesn’t qualify for one from the county since she doesn’t go to a county school.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to purchase Tiffany a tablet and she is now able to do her school work at home. This will enable her to continue to learn and stay academically on track with the rest of her peers.

We are there, when children need help most. And that time is now.

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