To support foster families in the local Tampa Bay Area with hot homemade meals at dinner time, store bought meals, and gift cards to keep with the tradition of family meal time.

Our goal is to ensure our neighbors in Dunedin & surrounding communities have the opportunity to provide food for their families.

Trinity Cafe’s mission is to feed the hungry and homeless while noursing souls through acts of acceptance, compassion, love and respect.

Assisting families in transition & their chronically hungry children while developing the next generation of volunteers to carry on the Kind Mouse mission.

We change lives one meal at a time by leading our community in the fight against hunger.

Providing nourishment and peace of mind for Pasco County’s hidden hungry.

ECHO’s mission is to assist residents of Hillsborough County in crisis with emergency food and clothing, offering life stabilizing programs and resources.

End 68 Hours of Hunger is a private, not for profit effort to confront the approximately 68 hours of hunger that some local school children experience between the free lunch they receive in school on Friday afternoon, and the free breakfast they receive in school on Monday morning.

Improved Health, Wellness, and Independent living for individuals and families.

Our mission is to end hunger in Tampa Bay by bringing people together to find solutions that eliminate barriers, increase access and knowledge, and expand the amount of nutritious food available.